Posted by Martin Judd on Oct 05, 2017

Sam Brady takes us on a journey from management consultant to Buddhist monk as he sets out on his mission to be a kinder person.

On Thursday comedian Sam Brady came to our meeting to speak about how he turned his life around.

After becoming disillusioned with the cutthroat environment of his job, he was let go and sought shelter in a Buddhist community where he meditated and studied mindfulness and compassion during the week, and spent time with his daughter on the weekends.

Life was good for Sam, he was achieving his goal of being kind but a sudden tragedy meant he had to leave the Buddhist community to look after his daughter.

Through experience on stage, Sam has now developed his storytelling skills and passion for performance into a career as a stand-up comedian. 

"We were all captivated by his story and thoroughly enjoyed the evening" - Nicole Harris

Through a funny yet serious account of his life, Sam showed us what it really means to be kind, something we should all try to do more of.
The Rotary Club of Manchester Trailblazers would like to thank Sam for taking the time out of his busy schedule (he had done 3 talks that day!) to speak to the Club, we appreciate it immensely.

If you want to book Sam for one of your events or get tickets to one of his shows head to